Stein Somers ssomers Gent, Belgium Software engineer & cyclist

ssomers/rust_bench_btreeset_intersection 1

Case study comparing and tuning the performance of strategies for calculating the intersection of BTreeSet instances

ssomers/arduino_RF433_chacon 0

Arduino sketch to decode the RF signals from a Chacon transmitter

ssomers/Bron-Kerbosch 0

Performance comparison of many Bron–Kerbosch algorithm implementations that find all maximal cliques in a graph.

ssomers/cargo-benchcmp 0

A small utility to compare Rust micro-benchmarks.

ssomers/FiiO-X3II 0

Scripts to tame the FiiO X3II Digital Audio Player from Windows

ssomers/go 0

Reusable functions for the Go programming language

ssomers/micronucleus 0

ATTiny usb bootloader with a strong emphasis on bootloader compactness.

ssomers/miri 0

An interpreter for Rust's mid-level intermediate representation

ssomers/polymorphic_value 0

A polymorphic value-type for C++


started time in 7 hours