Sergei Shishov sshishov dubizzle UAE, Dubai

claytondaley/drf-keyed-list 6

A reference implementation for converting a list of objects into a dict where the key is a (unique) value from the object (e.g. {<id1>: {<object1>}, <id2>: {<object2>}... }

sshishov/hospital_app 2

Hospital App

sshishov/bikecompetition 0

Bike Competition app for demonstation

sshishov/celery 0

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

sshishov/CSMDevHelper 0

Helper tool for CSM Development team (C#)

sshishov/datautil 0

Utilities for working with data.

sshishov/django-cid 0

Correlation Id for Django

sshishov/django-tastypie-swagger 0

An adapter to use swagger-ui with django-tastypie.

sshishov/djongo 0

Django and MongoDB database connector