Kier Borromeo srph Shogun Manila Designer-developer. React, Vue, Go, and PHP. Makes tools for friends and other humans.

srph/angularjs-structure-styleguide 271

Thinking in Components

srph/careflix 25

A personal Netflix clone with sync-play, invitation system, and chatting features.

srph/axios-response-logger 23

:mega: Axios interceptor which logs responses

srph/angular-infinite-scroll 4

A simple infinite scroll solution for AngularJS

srph/angular-timestamp-filter 4

:calendar: AngularJS filter which converts date to timestamp

srph/angular-xhr 3

[DEPRECATED] Send $http requests with directives.

srph/autodrive 2

Generate direct-download links from a Google Drive URL.

srph/axios-base-url 2

:nut_and_bolt: An axios interceptor that allows you to set a base url for all requests

srph/bookmarks 2

:bookmark: List for whatever.


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