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Luca Mussi splendido YouTube Zurich, Switzerland

splendido/meteor-accounts-meld 99

Meteor package to meld user accounts registered with the same email address, or associate many different 3rd-party login services with the same user account.

softwarerero/meteor-accounts-t9n 82

Translations for meteor account's error messages

splendido/meteor-accounts-emails-field 18

A Meteor package to keep up to date with email addresses used for 3rd-party account services

meteor-useraccounts/mdl 6

Meteor sign up and sign in templates styled for Material Design Lite

splendido/meteor-accounts-meld-client-bootstrap 5

Client Side templates styled for Twitter Bootstrap to be used with the Meteor package accounts-meld

splendido/meteor-useraccounts-ui 3

some useful scripts I use to pubilsh useraccounts packages

splendido/DiscoverMeteor_It 1

The Italian version of Discover Meteor

splendido/meteor-accounts-meld-client-semantic-ui 1

Client Side templates styled for Semantic UI to be used with the Meteor package accounts-meld

splendido/meteor-mailbox 1

Example app using Meteor and Ratchet

splendido/meteor-unordered-test 1

Tests about package load order using weak and unordered as api.use options