speachy/library 0

LIbrary support code pulled in by the imaging applications

speachy/opus 0

Modern audio compression for the internet.

speachy/photoprint 0

Gutenprint-based photo printing application for Linux

speachy/PYNQ 0

Python Productivity for ZYNQ

speachy/systemshock 0

Shockolate - Same great System Shock, new great taste.

speachy/XMPPSpammer 0

JID of XMPP Spammer to use with prosody blocklist

issue commentBenoitDuffez/AndroidCupsPrint

All printers show up as "not available right now"

FWIW I have remote admin turned on and with the latest version out of the Play store, I'm still unable to discover printers most of the time, much less successfully print anything (Android 9 client)

I'm able to print over the network from multiple clients just fine; it's just Android that's pathological. Even my parner's iPhone works fine with this CUPS server, and airprint is ... special most of the time.


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