Sven Nebel snebel29 Dublin, Ireland Zero is powerful because it is infinity’s twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang

snebel29/alf 3

Access Log Filter tool

snebel29/go-release 1

go-release exposes information about the build of projects.

snebel29/alertmanager-webhook-logger 0

Generates (structured) log messages from Prometheus AlertManager webhook notifier.

snebel29/apache_log_parser_kata 0

kata for parsing apache log

snebel29/aylien_textapi_python 0

AYLIEN's officially supported Python client library for accessing Text API

snebel29/azure-cli 0

Command-line tools for Azure.

snebel29/blackbox_exporter 0

Blackbox prober exporter

snebel29/challenge 0

A cool coding challenge :-)

snebel29/charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes

snebel29/chef-rundeck 0

Integrates Chef with RunDeck

created repositoryfuncool/log4j2-clojure

A clojure specific appender implementation for Log4j2.

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created repositorymicronaut-graal-tests/micronaut-mqtt-graal

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fork seeker815/gruntwork-installer

A script to make it easy to install Gruntwork Modules

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fork seeker815/devops-coding-challenge-2

Coding challenge for full stack Engineer DevOps/Cloud

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fork seeker815/devopsdaysams-actions

DevopsDays Amsterdam 2020 GitHub Actions coding challenge.

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fork seeker815/devops-coding-challenge-1

Coding challenge on infrastructure scripting and devops practices.

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created repositorycoderanger/migrations-operator-django-test

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created repositoryviterbit/libreoffice-converter

PHP LibreOffice Converter Wrapper

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created repositorygo-gorm/soft_delete

Soft delete with unix seconds

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created repositorygo-gorm/soft_delete

Soft Delete using unix seconds

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created repositorycoderanger/migrations-operator

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fork sebgoa/community

Knative governance and community material.

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fork coderanger/configmapsecrets

A Kubernetes controller to manage configs with a mix of secret and non-secret data

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fork markitosgv/lowrapper

PHP wrapper over LibreOffice converter

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