smcgivern/gitique 2

[deprecated] A Chrome extension to make GitHub code review better

allancorbett/ComComFringe 1

A list of acts who have featured on Comedian's Comedian podcast and are playing at the Edinburgh Fringe

smcgivern/4clojure 0

An interactive problem website for learning Clojure

smcgivern/ace-rails-ap 0

The Cloud9 Editor (Ace) for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

smcgivern/attributor 0

A powerful attribute and type management library for Ruby

smcgivern/batch-loader 0

:zap: Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries

smcgivern/chroma 0

A general purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go

smcgivern/con-trust 0

A game for MiniLD #36