sl/Cgame 5

A simplistic game library for canvas.

sl/NoTeX 4

An editor and document format for quickly typesetting notes.

sl/colorls-js 3

An easily installable javascript clone of

sl/Becoming-Visualizer 2

A visualizer for ideas represented through images.

manaspurohit/linux-air-drop 1

Wireless file transfer between Linux computers

sl/properly-verify 1

A simple property object verification tool. No more bloat, no more object.hasOwnProperty.

lelandjansen/did-it-run 0

Get notified when a commend has finished running.

sl/2048 0

A small clone of 1024 (

sl/advanced-technical-writing-portfolio 0

A collection of works from the Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions course at Northeastern University.

sl/ 0

A system for organizing queues at large events.