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Evgeniy Skidan skydan Mars Colonization Mission Earth F181298FCA9A139D

skydan/gmaps 1

the easiest way to use Google Maps

hello-seam/ec2-github-runner 0

On-demand self-hosted AWS EC2 runner for GitHub Actions

skydan/active_utils 0

Active Utils

skydan/ai 0

Repo for work for AI Survey

skydan/amazon-ecs-cli 0

A custom Amazon ECS CLI that eases up the cluster setup process, enables users to run their applications locally or on ECS using the same Docker Compose file format and familiar Compose commands.

skydan/awesome-sysadmin 0

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources inspired by Awesome PHP.

skydan/aws-glacier-multipart-upload 0

Script for uploading large files to AWS Glacier

skydan/aws-sdk-ruby 0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby.

skydan/basic-cucumber-guide 0

Basic guidelines to write good feature files


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