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skarra/ASynK 125

Flexible Bi-directional sync for Emacs BBDB, Google Contacts, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, CardDAV

skarra/PRS 10

Patient Record System for small clinics

skarra/pyews 7

Open Sourced Python Wrapper for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)

skarra/BBDB 3

My copy of the Insidious Big Brother Database

skarra/CalDAVClientLibrary 3

'master' is a mirror of the official SVN repo from the official site. The 'asynkdev' branch contains bug fixes and improvements made in course of building CardDAV support for ASynK

skarra/bbdb3 2

My repo of the development version of BBDB V3

skarra/emacshacks 2

My Emacs hacks, tutorials etc. from way back in the past... and the present

skarra/PyOrgMode 2

A python class for reading and writing orgmode files

skarra/coinsecure-cg 1

Coinsecure's July Hackathon

skarra/export-locals 1

Extracts static symbols from a given object file's symbol table and output them to a new binary object file so they can be linked to.