Bas van Schaik sj @GitHub @Semmle @lgtmhq Oxford, UK Looking after GitHub's CodeQL tech for finding 0-days with variant analysis, which is the jet engine that powers! Previously Head of Product @Semmle

github/codeql 1752

CodeQL: the libraries and queries that power security researchers around the world, as well as code scanning in GitHub Advanced Security (code scanning),, and LGTM Enterprise

Semmle/SecurityExploits 241

This repo has been migrated to

github/codeql-cli-binaries 173

Binaries for the CodeQL CLI

Semmle/demos 22

This repo has been migrated to

Semmle/lgtm-enterprise 9

This repository hosts the download links for LGTM Enterprise.

Semmle/lgtm-enterprise-intellij-binaries 4

IntelliJ extension for LGTM Enterprise (binaries)

Semmle/lgtm-enterprise-visualstudio-binaries 1

Visual Studio extension for LGTM Enterprise (binaries)

Semmle/eclipse-codeql-binaries 0

CodeQL for Eclipse: an Eclipse plugin for writing and running CodeQL queries

Semmle/lgtm-enterprise-eclipse-binaries 0

Eclipse extension for LGTM Enterprise (binaries)