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Maurizio Lupo sithmel Facebook London, England Software engineer at Facebook (he/him)

Rich-Harris/ramjet 5451

Morph DOM elements from one state to another with smooth animations and transitions

iter-tools/iter-tools 110

The iterable toolbox

sithmel/diogenes 9

A dependency injection framework

conartist6/sequins 8

Mutable sequences and native data structures (Map, Set, List) following the Immutable.js API

sithmel/async-deco 8

A collection of decorators for asynchronous functions. It allows to add features such as timeout, retry, dedupe, limit and much more!

sithmel/ 3

Backbone.js sync via Socket.IO

sithmel/diesis 3

Easy dependency injection

sithmel/backbone.occamsrazor.js 1

backbone.js enhanced with occamsrazor.js

sithmel/backboneio.couchdbstorage 1

A storage middleware for couchdb and

sithmel/canvas-helper 1

a collection of canvas helper and some demo