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Valentine Silvansky silvansky Songsterr Moscow Making music and code @ Songsterr

silvansky/Contacts 7

Clone of Rambler Contacts repo

silvansky/dbssh 6

SSH over Dropbox daemon

silvansky/Dropbox-XHTML-generator 4

Generates XHTML webpage for viewing Dropbox' Publuc folder's subfolder

silvansky/ALSplitView 1

ALSplitView is a autolayout based NSSplitView replacement, written from scratch.

silvansky/BossKey_win 1

Allows to hide-n-show current window via single hotkey

silvansky/cmake-utils 1

Usefull cmake macros

silvansky/contacts_build_scripts 1

Build scripts for Contacts, pjsip mod and deps

silvansky/DashHeart 1

Heart widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

silvansky/DateFormatter 1

UNIX command line utility for current date formatting

silvansky/DevArtGen 1

generator of some images


started time in 2 days

issue commentexyte/Macaw

SWXMLHash 6.0.0 Compatibility

SWXMLHash version should be locked in podspec file until 6.0.0 is supported.


comment created time in 21 days


started time in a month