Sidharth Sharma sidsharma27 @AgoraIO San Francisco Bay Area Swift | C# | DevRel

AgoraIO/Agora-WordPress 19

The Agora Video for WordPress plugin allows you to easily add live broadcast or video conferencing functionality into your posts and pages.

sidsharma27/Agora-iOS-Tutorial-Swift-1to1 9

Hello world for Agora SDK(Video Calling) in Swift

jakep84/Unreal-Agora 8

Sample app using with Unreal Engine to display join / leave channel, mute / unmute audio, enable / disable video, switch camera, setup resolution, and frame rate

nishnash54/SentimentAnalysis 5

Sentiment analysis on Agora 1-to-1 Video Call for Web

sidsharma27/Agora-Android-Tutorial-1to1 0

Hello world for Agora SDK(Video Calling)

sidsharma27/Agora-demo-web 0

Repository containing code for agora demo web application