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Petros G. Sideris sideris London, UK Voracious cookie eater and lush coffee drinker.

sideris/Basic-AI-BFS-DFS-IDS-Hill-Climbing- 2

Hill Climbing Solutions for 8-Puzzle and N-Queens problems in C++

sideris/docker-wipe 1

Removes Docker images and containers

sideris/keyby 1

Keyby is a Javascript library that makes it easier for you to bind keyboard shortcuts and key presses.

sideris/putils 1

A library in Java for Numerical Integration. It include's Euler's method, Quadratic, Simpson's etc.

ChrisJVoss/scales 0

An Electron application for interfacing with weigh scales.

codingmak/todo-realfront 0

Updated todo-front end app

sideris/Aegle 0

A website for EMR storage and sharing with doctors, family etc.

sideris/Aegle--Android-EMR-Management-Diploma-Thesis- 0

Diploma Thesis. An EMR management Android app, complementary to the "Aeglea" website.

sideris/begin-demo 0

Begin app