Shanti Chellaram shantiii @mailchimp New York, NY

shantiii/priq 7

Efficient priority queues in erlang

shantiii/fds 6

Functional Data Structures in Erlang and Elixir

shantiii/raft_erl 4

an erlang implementation of the raft consensus protocol

shantiii/ohimark 3

a command-line commonmark / markdown query tool

shantiii/review-delays 2

Visualize how long it takes for people to get comments on their PRs

shantiii/aoc2018-c 1

2018 Advent of Code, done in the greatest language ever

shantiii/nojs-chat 1

Realtime web chat, without javascript

shantiii/about 0

Sourcegraph blog, feature announcements, and website (

PR opened NobbZ/erl_exercism

Update parse_trans to 3.3.0

This fixes the deprecation warnings of erlang:get_stacktrace() in erlang versions >=21.

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Update parse_trans to 3.3.0 This fixes the deprecation warnings of erlang:get_stacktrace() in erlang versions >=21.

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Small helper for the erlang track in exercism

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issue commentPocket/extension-save-to-pocket

Open source Pocket server-side code

@mkoidin Thank you for responding and giving the transparency that you have thus far. I can sympathize with working iwth limited bandwidth, especially given just how many extenuating factors there have been in the time since the original comments. I'm coming at this as a fellow developer who very much "gets it", but also hopes to run a private instance of this software for myself (and possibly my friends and family).

As it is right now, do you think you could give an updated estimate of when/how long open sourcing the server code would take? If not, is there a way us folks could effectively influence the priority of that work?

Additionally, part of the strength of Mozilla is its ardent and often skilled fan community. I don't labor under delusions of person-months, but would you be able to take on volunteer talent operating under an NDA to assist in the open sourcing effort? I'm sure you'd find no shortage of volunteers in this thread, self included.


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