OSUCartography/PyramidShader 20

Terrain generalization and visualization for maps

seanbudd/discord-email-verification 8

A simple generic bot for email verification on discord

pageuppeople-opensource/pageup-dbt-utils 3

Common macros and tests for use in PageUp dbt projects


18: scikit-image: image processing in Python

pageuppeople-opensource/data-pipeline-orchestrator 1

A utility that persists state of a data pipeline execution and uses them to detect changes in models.

seanbudd/adaptive-composite-map-projections 0

Adaptive composite map projections combine several projections

seanbudd/fit3143-notes 0

Summary notes for my "Parallel Computing" class

seanbudd/group2fa 0

MFA to map users to secrets: many to one, one to many, and many to many

seanbudd/reddit 0

the code that powers