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Rasmus Scholer scholer Aarhus University Aarhus, Denmark Researcher. Designing DNA nanostructures and studying cellular recognition and communication. Previously: Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School.

scholer/actionista-todoist 10

CLI tool to manage your Todoist tasks from the command line, using powerful filters to select, print, reschedule, and complete tasks in a batch-wise fashion.

scholer/cookiesnatcher 8

Python library to extract and decrypt cookies from Chrome's sqlite database.

scholer/cadnano_staplestatter 2

Various tools for analyzing staple strands in DNA origami structures created with cadnano.

scholer/DWSfromCSV 2

Small python script used to populate an epMotion/epBlue DWS file with commands from a CSV file.

scholer/auto-save 1

Automatically saves the current file after every modification

scholer/cadnano2.5 1

Development version of cadnano using pyqt5

scholer/cadnano_console 1

Adds an interactive console to cadnano2. Nice to have in case you forget to specify the interactive ("-i") argument when launching cadnano.

scholer/cadnano_navigator 1

Provides a GUI which uses the cadnano_api to navigate the view, e.g. zooming to a particular strand and following an oligo from helix to helix.

scholer/cadnano_utils 1

Various utility scripts for cadnano DNA origami designs


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issue commentjungmannlab/picasso

Processing file bigger than 4GB on Picasso Localize

Is this a TIFF file or RAW file? The original TIFF format only supports files up to 4 GB. If you have a TIFF file larger than that, it is in the new "BigTiff" format which is not yet supported by the main Picasso (at least, it wasn't when I last checked 2 years ago). I have made a fork that implements support for BigTiff format and reads TIFF files larger than 4 GB without issues. I wanted to submit a PR into the main branch, but I just haven't had time to polish it yet. You can find here:

Alternatively, you can also convert your large TIFF file to .RAW format and load that with Picasso instead.


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