schodet/splitty 8

Split orthogonal keyboard

schodet/1bitsy-rust-bsp 2

1Bitsy board support crate

schodet/ucoolib 1

Microcontroller object oriented library (import in progress)

schodet/1bitsy-1up 0

1Bitsy 1UP retro inspired handheld game console.

schodet/1bitsy-examples 0

Example projects for the 1BitSy development boards.

schodet/1bitsy-locm3-template 0

Example 1Bitsy project using libopencm3 hardware library.

schodet/1bitsy-website 0

This repository contains all the documentation and website sources of 1bitsy.

schodet/blackmagic 0

In application debugger for ARM Cortex microcontrollers.

schodet/cortex-m 0

Low level access to Cortex-M processors

schodet/cortex-m-semihosting 0

Semihosting for ARM Cortex-M processors