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REDCap in Python

djangobot/djangobot 66

Bridge between Slack and Django, via Channels

sburns/advanced-redcap-interfaces 10

A talk concerning advanced REDCap interfaces and how they can help to improve research.

djangobot/djangobot-example 2

Example chat application connecting a Django app & Slack

sburns/ContextualFreedom 2

Context Free Art doodles

sburns/confident-deploys-djangocon-2016 1

My DjangoCon 2016 talk around confidently deploying assets with Webpack & Django

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my dot files

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Administration tool for Software Carpentry.


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[EKS] [request]: EKS Fargate Logging Output

Would like to see the DataDog output supported as well. Currently can work around by Cloudwatch -> DataDog forwarder -> DataDog, but that's money I'd just rather not spend.


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PR opened DataDog/integrations-core

[docs] Fix `auto_create_group` value

What does this PR do?

Fixes the auto_create_group value from On to true. See docs


Working to get EKS Fargate logs into DD. Having copy/pasted this ConfigMap, kubectl wouldn't apply it, responding with an error like "auto_create_group value invalid"

Additional Notes

To truly get EKS Fargate logs working, I had to do a bit more, mostly outlined in the EKS Fargate Logging docs. Most specifically, I needed to create a policy giving the pod execution role abilities to deal with Cloudwatch (write entries, create log groups/streams, etc). I'm happy to write these steps down in this PR if y'all feel it's necessary to improve the documentation.

Review checklist (to be filled by reviewers)

  • [ ] Feature or bugfix MUST have appropriate tests (unit, integration, e2e)
  • [ ] PR title must be written as a CHANGELOG entry (see why)
  • [ ] Files changes must correspond to the primary purpose of the PR as described in the title (small unrelated changes should have their own PR)
  • [ ] PR must have changelog/ and integration/ labels attached
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Scott Burns

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Fix `auto_create_group` value

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Core integrations of the Datadog Agent

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Move migrations to south_migrations

Letterbox is broken under 1.8.6 because its (south) migrations live under migrations when it should be south_migrations.

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