Scott Blomquist sblom Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Redmond, WA USA

sblom/mathematica-lazy 14

An implementation of lazy-list-style streams for Mathematica.

sblom/mytracks-tasker 9

A Locale/Tasker plugin to start/stop MyTracks recording

sblom/monotouch-bindings 6

A collection of third party bindings for MonoTouch

sblom/monotouch-cordova 4

Demo integration of a Cordova (PhoneGap) view into a MonoTouch application.

sblom/googlehistory-ff 2

A Google Web History pinger for Firefox

sblom/icfp2006 2

My implementations for the ICFP competition 2006 (best ICFP competition ever, btw)

sblom/openj-core 2

The core of the J programming language


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Evolve or Rewrite?

NuGet's API is still the only Microsoft API using JSON-LD, isn't it?

It's the only one I know of. Even the Microsoft Graph API is OData-based.


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Evolve or Rewrite?

My understanding of the history of this library is that it was ported from the initial Java implementation.

Original author here. I've been lurking for years, and am excited to see the recent flurry of energy around this project!

I don't consider anything about the current code particularly carefully thought out--it was my best answer while I was working on the NuGet to "how can we avoid reinventing the wheel while also conforming to the standard?"

I used a tool called Sharpen to "auto-port" the Java implementation to C#. There was another week or two of work to fix up some of the quirky differences between C# and Java, especially around type system considerations like value types, generics, and subtle differences in base classes like Dictionary.

I celebrated once it could pass the tests in the standard test suite from its day.

It would be interesting to see how the Java implementation has changed. Despite the origin story for this project, it wouldn't be a trivial exercise to port in any changes that they've made, but it would provide hints as to what a (possibly bigger?) community did from a similar starting point to upgrade for usability and the 1.1 spec.

At any rate, it's really great to see y'all working on this. I personally think JSON-LD is one of the coolest well-kept secrets of the modern web! ;)


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