Cruzo007/DogeCam 2

A browser extension to make your video calls Doge-y!

Cruzo007/Music-Onboarder 0

A tool to move your oldschool, perhaps pirated, music to your favorite apps! :O Also Supports conversion from one streaming service to another! **

sanath123/ChromeExtensionTutorial 0

A tutorial for the Chrome Extension Attempt!

sanath123/Demo 0

Demo repo for tutotial articles on

sanath123/Digi-Pacta 0

Digi Pacta is digitilizing the documents(contracts) between the employees and his company and storing the contract id in a Block Chain Technology.

sanath123/jobexpertise 0

This project mainly deals with the getting the information about the interview process and working experience in the IT companies

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Dinesh Nadimpalli

commit sha 77b29175bef4858b168791ddc0575dc0dd7141ab

Fixed the spin delay inconsistencies

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Dinesh Nadimpalli

commit sha a3b8ff0ebf43af089ff9f1bdfb63f0896497cbfb

Fixed the blue border when spin button is clicked

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