William Johnson salaisuuxia Australia

salaisuuxia/sshAddauth 1

bash script that adds the public key of the local host to the authorized list of a remote host

salaisuuxia/doorwatch 0

arduino based alerting of motion/switch operation to a remote server and local command execution

salaisuuxia/NXTLineFollow 0

a line follower program for the Lego NXT

salaisuuxia/soccerBot 0

arduino based soccer robot

salaisuuxia/speedMeter 0

displays network load data on a set of LEDs using Arduino

salaisuuxia/thinkpadStrobe 0

uses ACPI to flash LEDs on a lenovo thinkpad

salaisuuxia/wiiIR 0

using a wii remote's IR sensor to control an arduino/ATMega