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s7jones/Wifi-Signal-Plotter 15

A Python script for graphing and comparing the WiFi signal strengths between WiFi adaptors in Windows or Linux.

s7jones/PeregrineBot 8

A C++ Artificial Intelligence that plays the game "Starcraft Broodwar" using a "Zerg 5-pool" strategy.

s7jones/bwta2 4

Forked from BWTA2, with the aim of VS2017 compilation.

s7jones/BrainTree 3

C++ behavior tree single header library

s7jones/MegaDriveSnake 2

A C program of the game "Snake" to play on a "SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)" games console.

s7jones/andrew-ng-machine-learning 1

My set of solutions to Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course.

s7jones/Project-Euler-Solutions 1

My set of solutions to Project Euler.

s7jones/Rust-Wondrous-Numbers 1

A Rust command line program to calculate a sequence of wondrous numbers that no matter the number picked will wind its way back to the number 1.

s7jones/CKAN 0

The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network