ryanakca/bibliosoph 2

Web-based Technical Reports manager

ryanakca/ET 2

Simple equipment tracker

ryanakca/GnuPPG 2

Gnu Portable Privacy Guard

ryanakca/lintex 2

removes TeX-related garbage files

ryanakca/cevote 1

cevote — student council e-election program. My first project, you probably shouldn't bother trying to use it.

ryanakca/cevote-ng 1

PHP rewrite of CEVOTE

ryanakca/frescobaldi 1

Frescobaldi LilyPond Editor

ryanakca/ninka 1

a license identification tool for Source Code

ryanakca/offlineimap 1

Read/sync your IMAP mailboxes [Python]


started time in 2 months

fork aurickq/cmu-thesis

Latex starters for creating a CMU thesis or thesis proposal

fork in 3 months