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Ryan Senkbeil rsenk330 Milwaukee, WI

rsenk330/pylibsass 5

Python wrapper around libsass.

rsenk330/Flask-Cake 4

Cake for Flask.

rsenk330/gogetver 3

Stop worrying about the versions of your Go dependencies.

megasmack/navinator 1

Creates a "mobile" style nav from your "desktop" style nav.

megasmack/sup-reg.js 1

A jQuery plugin to automatically add <sup> tags around all registration marks.

megasmack/swap-svg 1

Swap SVG/SVGZ files in IMG tags for PNG versions of the same name.

rsenk330/glowstick 1

Web application for controlling SiliconDust hdhomerun devices.

rsenk330/homebrew-python 1

Homebrew Formulae for Python Packages

rsenk330/html-pypeline 1

Python implementation of the HTML::Pipeline Ruby library.

rsenk330/noe-sinatra 1

Noe skeleton for Sinatra projects