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learning-at-home/hivemind 837

Decentralized deep learning in PyTorch. Built to train models on thousands of volunteers across the world.

romakail/Earthquake_prediction_DNN 1

Earthquakes prediction using deep neural networks prediction.

romakail/Ensemble_DNN 1

In this repository I explore different methods of ensembling of DNN

DahaKot/Toxic-Comment-Classification 0

This is our hometask for ml course at IITP.

romakail/CET_MIPT_hackaton 0

Project of my team on CET_MIPT hackaton. About researches of oil

romakail/charnlm-pytorch 0

Implementation of the paper "Character-Aware Neural Language Models"

romakail/Cinema-Bot 0

Telegram bot for search of links to watch movies

romakail/CV 0

CV for potential partnership

romakail/DeepDDoS 0

In this repository I try to predict DDoS attacks, using deep neural networks. In particular LSTM, CNN and attention


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Implementation of the paper "Character-Aware Neural Language Models"

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