Ryan Graham rmg @IBM Langley, BC, Canada former @nodejs collaborator, @strongloop original, @IBM employee, @mktmpio creator.

rmg/cloudflare-backup 16

Simple tool for backing up your CloudFlare hosted DNS records

IBM/binprint 3

binprint scans and digitally fingerprints files with multiple signatures for the purpose of tracing their path through source, build, and release

rmg/chargen 3

JavaScript based character generator

rmg/boxen 1

Vagrant files for setting up dev/test VMs using various cloud providers

rmg/couchapp 1

Utilities to make standalone CouchDB application development simple

rmg/couchrest 1

A RESTful CouchDB client based on Heroku's RestClient and Couch.js

rmg/couchrest_model 1

Doing the simple stuff so you don't have to

rmg/ 0

This is the official repo for the CascadiaJS 2014 conference.

rmg/appmetrics-dash 0

A data visualizer that uses " Node Application Metrics" (appmetrics) to monitor and display Node.js application data as a html web application.

issue openedcodacy/codacy-eslint

[CY-2437] [codacy-eslint] Does not support shared eslint config

Projects that have multiple repositories and individuals seeking to reduce their overhead have adopted shared eslint configurations.

When Codacy scans a project that uses shared rules it appears to scan without any rules enabled at all, which catches nothing.

Supporting this would require that the scanner install a project's devDependencies as part of the scanning process.

As an example, I opened a PR in a repo that uses shared rules and no issues were found. I then added a commit that pulled all the rules in-line in to the .eslintrc and it hit the expected errors:

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