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Rishav Sharan rishavsharan Microsoft Corporation Hyderabad Senior PM @Microsoft

rishavsharan/pipelines-php-laravel 1

Sample PHP-Laravel application for Azure Pipelines docs

rishavsharan/atom 0

:atom: The hackable text editor

rishavsharan/azure-devops-extensions 0

Sample 3rd party extensions extending the functionality of Test reporting tab in Azure DevOps pipelines

rishavsharan/azure-pipelines-yaml 0

Azure Pipelines YAML examples, templates, and community interaction

rishavsharan/cpp-azdev-sample 0

This project shows a simple C++ project which is built and tested using the Azure DevOps Pipelines.

rishavsharan/cz-cli 0

The commitizen command line utility.

rishavsharan/desktop 0

Simple collaboration from your desktop

rishavsharan/fastify 0

Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js