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Ricky Dunlop rickydunlop Freelance developer London Senior Software Engineer specialising in Javascript and Python. Prev @skyscanner, @shutterstock and @rehabstudio

rickydunlop/fbmessenger-node 51

FB messenger for node

rickydunlop/Capistrano-deployment 4

Files needed to deploy a CakePHP site using Capistrano and capcake

rickydunlop/app-deployer 1

Ruby gem for app deployment. Has tasks for various frameworks, databases and web servers including CakePHP, Lithium, MySQL, Nginx and Apache. Uses railsless deploy

rickydunlop/Attach 1

Attach Plugin, that make upload easy in CakePHP 2.0

rickydunlop/backbone-tasks 1

Google tasks API integrated with Backbone.js

rickydunlop/alphabet-animals 0

Simple game where you take turns to name animals for a letter of the alhabet

rickydunlop/angularjs-feeds 0

AngularJS Feed reader

rickydunlop/aws-sdk-php 0

Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP. For more information on the AWS SDK for PHP, see our web site:

rickydunlop/cacher 0

A CakePHP caching plugin that caches query results. Only requires attaching a behavior.


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