google/starthinker 94

Framework for building data workflows provided by Google.

google/json5format 43

JSON5 (a.k.a., "JSON for Humans") formatter that preserves contextual comments

richkadel/cesium-gwt 11

GWT wrappers around some of the Cesium JS library

richkadel/arbor 6

a graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery

richkadel/jsfunction-gwt 1

Extensive support for passing GWT Java functions to JavaScript APIs that require JavaScript functions

richkadel/owf-gwt 1

GWT wrappers around the OZONE Widget Framework (OWF) library

richkadel/cargo-binutils 0

Cargo subcommands to invoke the LLVM tools shipped with the Rust toolchain

richkadel/cesium-plugins-list 0

The list of Cesium plugins. Open a pull request to add your plugin.

richkadel/com-cotdp-hadoop 0

Small class-library of tools intended to help working with Hadoop

richkadel/ 0

Appeligo Flip.TV source