Rich Collins richcollins Cofactor Software San Francisco

IoLanguage/io 2229

Io programming language. Inspired by Self, Smalltalk and LISP.

stevedekorte/vertex.js 215

node.js graph db server inspired by filesystems

Voluntarynet/ 83

in-browser webRTC-based secure p2p messaging app platform

richcollins/ideal 8

Javascript modifications inspired by Io

richcollins/get-flash-videos 5

Download or play videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites, without having to use the Flash player.

richcollins/cappuccino 2

My bugfixes & enhancements for Cappuccino

richcollins/io 2

Io programming language

richcollins/oden 2

oden makes node more powerful

richcollins/oia 2

a port of Io to Lua

richcollins/PhFacebook 2

MacOSX Interface to Facebook graph API


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created repositoryartilleryio/artillery-plugin-ensure

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issue commentVoluntarynet/

TypeError in

This seems to be Safari specific. Looks like we need to improve the checks that bring up the "This app only works in Chrome/Brave" window.


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issue openedVoluntarynet/

TypeError in

I just can't use the webapp, in it always gives me this error: "TypeError: this.tx(...).commit is not a function in Line: 85705". Haven't tried to download the source and running it locally to see if it keeps happening tho.

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