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Richard Lopes richard-lopes MYOB Auckland, New Zealand Just programmer

richard-lopes/webpack-example 39

Example project using Webpack, React and Flux (Alt.js)

richard-lopes/babel-typescript-sample 0

A sample setup using Babel CLI to build TypeScript code, and using TypeScript for type-checking.

richard-lopes/chemin 0

NodeJS radix tree based router middleware

richard-lopes/edart 0

Polymer based responsive auction site - hackaton

richard-lopes/emojis 0

Custom emojis supported by Buildkite which you can use in your build pipelines and terminal output.

richard-lopes/highlight.js 0

Javascript syntax highlighter

richard-lopes/hugo 0

A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang

richard-lopes/hugo-learn-doc 0

Documentation for Hugo Learn Theme

richard-lopes/hugo-material-docs 0

Port of Martin Donath's mkdocs-material theme to Hugo

richard-lopes/learnyoureact 0

Let's learn React.js and server side rendering!