renfredxh/compilebot 179

A bot that executes source code in reddit comments

renfredxh/pylletTown 81

Python 3 based demo of Pokémon Blue

bwagner5/EP_Public_Website 1

This repo contains the public website for Events Production, the A/V department of George Mason University

renfredxh/binarybot 1

Simple reddit bot that translates binary comments to ascii

renfredxh/ideone-api 1

A Python binding to the Ideone API

renfredxh/kitty-companions 1

Valentines Day game for CS 325

renfredxh/pulse 1

Interactive online rhythm editing tool

renfredxh/Backbone.localStorage 0

A localStorage adapter for Backbone.js

renfredxh/car-sports-resort 0

CS 325 Game Assignment