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Renato Machado renatofmachado Talkdesk Portugal

renatofmachado/volt 2

Simple asynchronous event-driven network package.

renatofmachado/dock 1

🐬 A CLI to manage global Docker development environment dependencies.

renatofmachado/air 0

✨ Effortless dotfiles manager.

renatofmachado/collision 0

Error Reporting for console/command-line PHP applications

renatofmachado/conductor 0

Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine -

renatofmachado/ 0

Code of

renatofmachado/framework 0

The Narration Framework code.

renatofmachado/histsync 0

Cloud Bash History app using python and flask

renatofmachado/illusion-docs 0

Documentation repository for the Illusion web framework.

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