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Reza Mohammadi remohammadi Machine2Learn BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

flashmob/go-guerrilla 2056

Mini SMTP server written in golang

cafebazaar/blacksmith 67

Bare-Metal CoreOS Cluster Manager

remohammadi/gorm 8

The fantastic ORM library for Golang – The fork with context support

remohammadi/docker-mail 2

Postfix+Dovecot in Docker

remohammadi/dotfiles 2

Personal dotfiles

remohammadi/go-guerrilla 2

Mini SMTP server written in golang

remohammadi/android-store 1

F2P game economy library. Part of The SOOMLA Project - framework for virtual economies in mobile games.

remohammadi/ChromeProxy 1

A Chrome extension to easily toggle proxy settings

issue openedkinow/protobuf-uml-diagram

Having proto as a module name makes things tricky

When I run the program with this command:

protobuf-uml-diagram --output doc --proto gs.proto.configs_data_pb2

I get:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gs_pb2'

After some initial confusion, I found the reason:

return import_module(proto.replace(".proto", "_pb2").replace("/", "."))

This innocent line which makes the application work with both module path and file path, doesn't handle mine module structure. Fortunately, because it was not proto.replace("/", ".").replace(".proto", "_pb2"), I was able to make it work with simply using / instead of .. But what would be a legit solution for this case? Having two separate click options for proto source file and proto python module?

created time in 2 months