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regagain/zeroclickinfo-goodies 1

DuckDuckGo instant answer plugins based on Perl functions

regagain/ananas 0

The Python Bot Framework for Mastodon

regagain/beets 0

music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger

regagain/birthday-adapter 0

Display all contact birthdays automatically in your standard Android calendar.

regagain/cmus-sync 0

Synchronize your Android device with a existing cmus playlist.

regagain/e2openplugin-OpenWebif 0

Gpl webinterface for e2stabs

regagain/e2openplugin-PushService 0

A flexible event notification service for Enigma2. Never miss any free space warning, update or timer conflict.

regagain/e2openplugin-RemoteChannelStreamConverter 0

Fetches bouquets on remote hosts and make them available locally

regagain/jrnl 0

Collect your thoughts and notes without leaving the command line.

regagain/listenbrainz-server 0

Server for the ListenBrainz project


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