Josh Byrnes realJoshByrnes Sydney, Australia

denolibs/event_emitter 9

A NodeJS-like EventEmitter for Deno in Typescript.

slm-lang/slm-coffee 4

Coffeescript module for Slm

realJoshByrnes/msnchat-client 1

A simple MSN Chat like IRC client

realJoshByrnes/Telstra-API 1

A node.js module for accessing the Telstra Developer API

realJoshByrnes/Three-Sixty 1

Light-weight 360 degree panorama viewer (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

denolibs/case_insensitive_map 0

A Map object where keys that are strings are case insensitive.

denolibs/deno_template 0

A template for Deno compatible modules.

denolibs/endianness 0

A simple module to determine the endianness of the host

denolibs/hmac 0

A faster HMAC module for Deno using TypeScript and WebAssembly

denolibs/struct 0

A Struct module.

issue commentCymatiCorp/browser-for-mirc

Exand Zips, potentially rename project

@maicoldlx Please start a new issue for new issues.

The first two things that come to mind are target incompatibilities (is mIRC in 32bit mode, what platform did you build the DLL for? etc)

The second thing is do you have a virus scanner? Is it locking the file due to a false positive?

Lastly, are there any missing dependancies?

You haven't described how you've run it, or anything about your system, these could be helpful.


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issue commentdenolibs/event_emitter


If you'd like, sure. However, I believe it may break existing links such as those in the deno repo list.


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