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Ryan Bartram rdbartram DFTAI Thurgau, Switzerland Automation guy specialising in PowerShell, DSC. Generally enjoy problem solving and am starting to write about it all on my blog.

bgelens/DSCPullServerAdmin 39

PowerShell module to provide a better Admin oriented DSC Pull Server experience.

rdbartram/PSSpotify 12

Module to allow control of spotify by means of Spotify Web API

rdbartram/PSBuildRelease 5

Generic Invoke Build tasks used during to module development

rdbartram/AzStorageTable 1

PowerShell Core Version of AzureRmStorageTable by Paulo Marques (MSFT)

rdbartram/Datum 1

Hierarchical data meta structure

rdbartram/PSConfEUGUI 1

HTML,JS GUI for PowerShell to present agenda from PSConfEU

DFTAI/ps-terraform-agent 0

Repository for building PowerShell/Terraform Docker images

DFTAI/PSKeepAChangeLog 0

A module designed to assist in creating change logs based on the defined by

issue openedaztfmod/symphony

IDEA: Specify the subscription to be used for each landingzone

Since most tenants have more than 1 subscription, in order to to simplify the deployments it would be great if there was a way to specify the target subscription on the stack object. A concrete use case for this is vnet peering over multiple subscription. As of today this requires n+2 rover invocations where n is the number of subscriptions.

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fork rdbartram/terraform-azurerm-caf

Base terraform module for the landing zones on Terraform part of Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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