Ramtin ramtinkermani San Francisco Software Engineer at Zebel, San Francisco bay area

ramtinkermani/angular2-SimpleApp 1

Following the AngularJS2 course from DeborahK of PluralSight

ramtinkermani/iRobotStargazer_Navigator 1

This is a ROS package to move around an iRobot create based on the specified coordinates of the room. The localization is based on Stargazer (and associated ROS package) and the actuation is on the iRobot Creates wheels (iRobot ROS package). This code which is the controller ROS package, is related to a project in CPSLab and the whole project is in collaboration with Professor Georgios Fainekos, Shashank Srinivas, Parth Pandya. This ROS package was initially created by Parth by later was rewritten completely by myself to adapt to the new coordinate system and improve the low level control algorithm using a proportional feedback loop.

ramtinkermani/Udacity_connect 1

Lecture materials, exercises, and solutions for Machine Learning Nanodegree Udacity Connect Intensive

ramtinkermani/amqpnetlite 0

AMQP 1.0 .NET Library

ramtinkermani/CarND-LaneLines-P1 0

Lane Finding Project for Self-Driving Car ND

ramtinkermani/Data-Structures-CPP 0

A series of basic Data Structures and related algorithms as structures, functions and classes

ramtinkermani/Data-Structures-Python 0

Simple data structures and algorithms for python including trees, graphs, search and sort algorithms etc.

ramtinkermani/iRobotCreateAPI-Python 0

High level API for iRobot Create and iRobot Roomba in Python. Inlcludes Python native API and a RESTful Web API

ramtinkermani/machine-learning 0

Content for Udacity's Machine Learning curriculum