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Rafael Pivato rafaelpivato Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Started programming with 9 years old and didn't stop so far. Love Python and acquired a lot of experience on it, but still get enchanted by other languages.

akoumjian/python-safety-vuln 3

Circumvent any python package scanner installed to the same python environment.

rafaelpivato/resto 1

Python micro-framework enforcing REST interface for your back-end.

rafaelpivato/shacip 1

Internal REST service managing users and accounts shared by different applications

SouleLabs/EtherSketch 1

This is an experiment from SouleLabs to facilitate pixel advertising using an Ethereum decentralized application.

api-town/gotaway 0

REST Python Framework for AWS Lambda-based applications

rafaelpivato/docker 0

Docker images and compositions used in my projects.

rafaelpivato/ds-homecare 0

Dead-Simple Home Care Management System

rafaelpivato/highpa 0

Surprisingly de-identifiable questionnaire engine

rafaelpivato/jskimo 0

JSON Schema Model Python Library

push eventgotnotable/albus

Rafael Pivato

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issue commentpyupio/safety

Better JSON structure for easy and safer parsing

@harlekeyn can you look at this too?


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pull request commentpyupio/safety

Add XmlReport (JUnit)

@harlekeyn can you look at this, please?


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pull request commentpyupio/safety

Add CVE to reports

@harlekeyn can you look at this, please?


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