qwerqy/discord-cognito-openid-wrapper 6

Small shim that allows AWS Cognito to talk to discord (by providing an OpenID wrapper around the Discord API)

qwerqy/backbone-website-1 3

A very basic HTML/CSS website template.

qwerqy/orobahn 1

Portfolio Website development with Next.js

qwerqy/amplitude-data-extractor-to-zip 0

Script to parse data response to zipfile.

qwerqy/appcenter 0

Central repository for App Center open source resources and planning.

qwerqy/basiccalculator 0

A simple basic calculator made in React Native

qwerqy/bedrock-wp-backend-template 0

Backend template for my WP projects

qwerqy/bitcoin-ticker-flutter 0

Starter code for the Bitcoin-Ticker challenge from the Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp

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Amin Roslan

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fixed navbar

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Amin Roslan

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fixed form and ytlplayer

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