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Dan Taylor qubitron Microsoft Redmond, WA Principal Program Manager for Python Developer Tools at Microsoft

microsoft/vscode-dev-containers 2215

A repository of development container definitions for the VS Code Remote - Containers extension and GitHub Codespaces

microsoft/vscode-remote-try-python 194

Python sample project for trying out the VS Code Remote - Containers extension

Azure-Samples/azure-python-labs 101

Labs demonstrating how to use Python with Azure, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and more!

qubitron/pydemo 89

Get Productive with Python and Visual Studio Code - slides, video, and demo code

qubitron/django-react-devcontainer 38

Tutorial + sample code for setting up a django + react +postgres development container

qubitron/flask-webapp-quickstart 20

Flask quickstart for running in azure web apps

qubitron/stackoverflow-flask 12

Demo Flask web app for analyzing stackoverflow data

qubitron/django-docker-vscode 3

Sample code for the Django tutorial in the VS Code documentation

qubitron/hello-stackoverflow 3

Repo for demo app that shows how to download and read stack overflow data

qubitron/service-fabric-dotnet-getting-started 2

Get started with Service Fabric with these simple introductory sample projects.