quantifiedcode-bot/blitzdb 0

Blitz is a document-oriented database for Python that is backend-agnostic. It comes with a flat-file database for JSON documents and provides MongoDB-like querying capabilities.

quantifiedcode-bot/checkmate 0

Checkmate - A simple yet powerful meta code-checker with support for multiple languages.

quantifiedcode-bot/code-is-beautiful 0

An open-source collection of code visualizations, licensed under AGPL and free to use.

quantifiedcode-bot/Haul 0

An Extensible Image Crawler

quantifiedcode-bot/invenio-base 0

Base package for building the Invenio application.

quantifiedcode-bot/invenio-deposit 0

Invenio module for depositing metadata using workflows.

quantifiedcode-bot/invenio-search 0

Invenio module for information retrieval.

quantifiedcode-bot/invenio-utils 0

Various utility functions for Invenio.

quantifiedcode-bot/midas 0

Innovation platform and collaboration marketplace