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Chris Wilson qris Qwirx Cambridge, UK (maybe)

aptivate/cmsbootstrap 16

Django-CMS basic theme with Bootstrap to get you started quickly. Low bandwidth and mobile friendly.

aptivate/africawatermap 8

A map of Africa's access to water and sanitation

aptivate/debian-compat-drivers-dkms 2

Debian package wrapper for DKMS installer for the compat-drivers backports of the latest Linux network drivers to older kernels

aptivate/aptivate-monkeypatches 1

Specific monkey patches useful in Django projects.

aptivate/check_apt_last_update 1

A nagios plugin to warn if it is too long since apt update was last run.

aptivate/check_yum_last_update 1

A nagios plugin to warn if it is too long since yum update was last run.

aptivate/climate-content-pool 1

WordPress plugin that uploads posts to the Climate Tagger Content Pool

aptivate/climate-tagger 1

WordPress plugin to suggest tags for your posts, using the Climate Tagger API

aptivate/CodeIgniter 1

EllisLab's Open Source PHP Framework

aptivate/concur 1

Disk imaging GUI (inspired by G4L)

issue openedqris/pytherma

Missing file?

Trying to run your example, but gives error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pytherma.core'":

from pytherma.core import Pytherma

pytherma = Pytherma(serial.Serial('COM3', 9600, timeout=1))
values = pytherma.poll()

Where is the "" file or am I lacking knowledge?

created time in 17 days

issue commentboxbackup/boxbackup

Not building on uclibc++

Can this be fixed somehow ?


comment created time in 18 days


started time in 3 months

fork persianyagami90xs/divide

Partition Editor and Disk Clone with GUI (based on gparted live CD and G4L)

fork in 3 months