purem/pySoupBinTCP 6

A python parser for NASDAQs Soup Bin TCP format. See

purem/iTunesTabView 4

An iTunes like tabs widget for Cappuccino

purem/cappudigest 3

An example of how to use digest authentication in cappuccino.

purem/pyBinaryFile 3

A python parser for NASDAQs BinaryFile file format

purem/SCAuth 3

Framework for handling authentication on the frontend of your Cappuccino application.

purem/elasticsearch 2

Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

purem/pyITCH 2

ITCH 4.1 Spec Implementation

purem/pyITCH2QBBO 2

A python converter which consumes NASDAQ ITCH messages and produces NASDAQ ITCH messages.

purem/cappuccino 1

Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

purem/docxc 1

ASKBOT is a StackOverflow-like Q&A forum, based on CNPROG.