Projjal Gop projjal1 Self-employed Kolkata, West Bengal, India Love to explore frameworks and code in Python. Passionate about developing server solutions and exploring Machine Learning. Open-Source developer.

projjal1/Collab_files_tensorflow_sheets 1

Contains various codes for Tensorflow ml course

projjal1/Facial_Recognition_Software 1

Facial Recognition implemented Log based Surveillance System.

projjal1/Image-Cartoonizer 1

A Python Script to create Cartoon effects on a given Image file using OpenCV.

projjal1/Age-Prediction-Caffe 0

Age prediction using Caffe Pretrained Model.

projjal1/Algorithms-Implementation 0

Implementation of various DS algo to solve common interview questions.

projjal1/Bank_Management_System 0

Contains the emulation code for banking projects on c in college

projjal1/bitcoin_mining_clone 0

This is an attempt to build a server like clone of bitcoin centralized system.

projjal1/C-Sharp-Dot-Net 0

Repo containing C# .NET codes.

projjal1/Car-Price-Predictiion 0

ML model using SKLearn library to predict prices of cars using features and their values provided.

projjal1/certificate_portal 0

Django code for the certificate portal.


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