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Praveena Dayanand praveenadayanand Thought Works

Bahmni/bahmni-scripts 0

Utility Scripts used by Bahmni

praveenadayanand/bahmni-core 0

Core OpenMRS modules for Bahmni (including ERP & ELIS Atom Feed Clients)

praveenadayanand/bahmni-package 0

Repository of bahmni deployment and RPMs

praveenadayanand/bahmni-playbooks 0

Ansible playbooks for Bahmni (used for Bahmni deployments and Installer)

praveenadayanand/bahmni-scripts 0

Utility Scripts used by Bahmni

praveenadayanand/openmrs-module-bahmniapps 0

Angular.JS based UI application that is used by Clinicians and Patient care providers.

fork buvaneswari-arun/event-log-service

Service which provides data to offline devices.

fork in 20 days

fork buvaneswari-arun/openerp-atomfeed-service

Independent Atom feed client and server interface for OpenERP. Deployed as a single webapp.

fork in 21 days

fork buvaneswari-arun/bahmni-reports

Reports web application for the Bahmni project

fork in 23 days

fork buvaneswari-arun/bahmni-java-utils

This repository has various functional utilities needed by bahmni.

fork in 2 months