pranay16/aFileChooser 0

[DEPRECATED] Android library that provides a file explorer to let users select files on external storage.

pranay16/diffy 0

Share diff output in the browser with

pranay16/django-rest-framework 0

Web APIs for Django. ⚡️

pranay16/djongo 0

Django and MongoDB database connector

pranay16/drf-autodocs 0

Ultimately automated DRF documentation rendering

pranay16/mindbogglr-django-herald 0

A Django messaging library

pranay16/mssql2mysql 0

Simple MS SQL to MySQL PHP script converter

pranay16/python-docx 0

Create and modify Word documents with Python

pranay16/select-picker 0

jQuery plugin for multiselect tag-like picker -

pull request commentrevinate/assertj-json

Upgrade to assertj-core 3.11.1

Would be good if somebody could put that in the readme to avoid waisting time on this project.


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