plieningerweb/esp8266-software-uart 108

Software UART / Software Serial / SoftUart for ESP8266 to connect more than one UART

plieningerweb/Magebid 2

The connection between Magento and eBay

plieningerweb/android_sensors_driver 1

ROS Driver for Android Sensors

plieningerweb/cumulocity-python-device-client 1

A Python Device Client for the Cumulocity Rest API

plieningerweb/imagetagger 1

An open source online platform for collaborative image labeling

plieningerweb/kacors485 1

Python library to retrive and parse information from kaco inverters over serial interface

plieningerweb/network-interfaces 1

Python library for representing and manipulating the /etc/network/interfaces

lalten/rpg_dvs_ros 0

ROS packages for DVS and eDVS